Image of the Achang in the art


Zhou Xiuqing

We have found only one Chinese artist who has chosen the Achang nationality asthe objetct of his art: Zhou Xiuqing. He makes portraits of some of the Chinese Nationalities.

One of his most famous compositions is a painting of people belonging to the Tibetan, Lobha and other nationalities and a background shape of the Potala Palace of Lhasa. That was printed as a stamp in China.

His painting Achang women, can be enjoyed in Zhouke Arts, it shows a personal style, not far from the realistic approach so typical in the art that chose the ethnic peoples of China as its subjet.


Fu Ji Tsang

Fu Ji Tsang has painted several paintings of the Chinese National Minorities. His works were exhibited under the title "L'autre Chine" in the Musée des Arts Asiatiques de Toulon (France). The catalogue is available at the Asian Art Museum of Toulon. It’s a gathering of pictures representing different chinese minorities, texts are either in French and English.

Here is Mère et enfant Achang (Mixte) - (162 x 97 cm) in France art


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