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Anonymous.- Husa shi hua (Talks about Husa). Yunnan Nationalities Press. Kunming. 2002. 319 pp

The Achang from Husa are perfectly differentiated from other Achang. This book is maybe the first monograph about them. The book depicts their environment, history, economics, and Husa Achang's culture, customs, family and religion.

Dai Qingxia and Cui Zhichao.- Achang yu jian zhi (Basic introduction to the Achang language). Nationalities Press. Beijing. 1985. 135 pp

It is an introduction to the language of the Achang. The differences among their three dialects (Longchuan, Luxi and Lianghe) they are so important that the small lexicon of the final pages, includes words in these three dialects.

Gong Peihua.- Achang zu (The Achang). Nationalities Press. 1989. 88 pp

A brief introduction to the Achang. It explains with more detail their productive life, their affective and matrimonial relationships.

Liu Jiang.- Achang zu wenhua shi (History of the culture of the Achang). Yunnan Nationalities Press. Kunming. 2001. 346 pp

It is a quite detailed study of the culture of the Achang. With the good structure common to other books of this series, introduce the reader a comprehensive survey of the life and culture of the Achang, from their origin and population to their material culture and literature.

Longchuan shizhi ban.- Achang zu wenhua luntan (Discussions about the culture of the Achang). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 2003. 258 pp

In this work more than 20 local scholars write articles of variated thematic, about the culture, history and present life of the Achang of Longchuan.

Luo Han.- Achang nuren (Achang women) Kunlun Publishers. 1993. 178 pp

About the Achang women.

You Tingchun.- Achang wenxue jian shi (Short history of Achang literature). Yunnan Nationalities Press Kunming. 1995. 173 pp

A detailed study of the literary genres of the Achang. From their main myths, as Zhepama and Zhemima, to the Achang modern writers. This book translate also some myths and tales, but it stresses its attention to the traditional oral literature.

Zhao Jiapei.- Achang zhu gui (The Spirit of the Achang) -Dehong Nationalities Press. 2006. 298pp.

A collection of articles about the Achang nationality

- Achang jianshi jianzhi hebian (Short history of the Achang). Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Beijing. 1963. 50 pp.

A short introduction, very political in the content, to the cultura and history of the Achang.

- Achang shehui lishi diaocha (Researches on the society and history of the Achang). Yunnan Nationalities Press. Kunming. 1983. 103 pp.

Four articles about the society and history of the Achang in the 1950s in four different places.

- Achang zu jian shi (Short History of the Achang). Yunnan Peoples Press. Kunming. 1986. 100 pp.

The origin of the Achang, and their former way of life, can be suggested only by the study of their myths and legends. The authors try to conjecture through them the old history of the Achang. From the 7th century onwards the speculations end, and they tell the history of the Achang, relying in the historical documents of Nanzhao kingdom. There is more about them in the documents of Dali Kingdom, and the Yuan dynasty. During Ming and Qing dynasties, with the imperial power well established in their lands, through the tusi (local governors of the Dai nationality) the life of the Achang is documented with more precision.

- Achang zu wenhua daguan (Outline of Achang culture). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1999. 312 pp

A detailed acount of Achang historical origins, language, religioud beliefs, literature and art, and modern life.

- Achang zu wenxue zuopin xuan (Seleccions of the Achang literature).- Dehong Nationalities Press. Ruili. 1983. 278 pp.

This is a short introduction of the main characters of Achang literature, with a detailed study of their best myths, poems, tales, etc.

- Yunnan sheng achang zu shehui lishi diaocha cailiao (1) (Materials for the research on the society and history of the Achang). Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 1963. 109 pp

In this small book are Publisher together four of the first reports about the Achang. They study the Achang from the following places: Lianghe County (Mangzhan village), Houlasa Township, Luxi County (Gaogentian village). All this documents follow the same model, explaining with detail the economic and productive activities of the Achang, lack information about their cultural and religious world.

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