Art of Yunnan ethnic minorities


A small book published in 1983 in which some works of Yunnan minority artists are published. Interesting as most the minorities styles are someway related to that of the folk painters promoted in other areas of China.


Here is the painting of the Wa minority artist Hu Dequan, named "Hunting." A kind of ethnographic report of the different activities related with hunting amoing the Wa, as well of the rich fauna in¡habiting their territory.The romanticism of the scene is remarkable.


The third image related to this book is the page devoted to the Kucong nationality artist Wang Youming. Kucong (苦聪族) people, though clearly differentiated in the ethnographical reports and historical researches, at the end were not recognized as a national minority. In many books of the 1980s however, dealing with Yunnan or Chinese ethnic minorities, there is a section dealing also with the Kucong.

kucongSelected Paintings of the Yunnan Minority Nationalities (云南少数民族画选) Yunnan Peoples Publisher. Kunming. 1983。

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