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Bao Hongfeng. - Dali- a wonderful and beautiful city. China Environmental Science Publishing. 2002. 330 pp

Between the main books published in English and Chinese to promote Dali as a tourist destination, this book contains an unusual amount of information bout the tourist spots around Dali, and Bai culture and history. The style used depicting mountains, temples, counties and townships, legends and folk traditions provides the reader with a good chance to enjoy basic materials about Bai people

Fitzgerald, C.P. - The tower of five glories. Caravan Press. 2005. 309 pp

This is a classical work about the Bai of Dali. Maybe it is the only book about the Bai written in western languages before 1949 revolution. Depicts the live of the Bai before all the changes of the last 50 years.

Jingqi Fu and Zhao Min with Xu Lin and Duan Ling. Chinese Ethnic Minority Oral Traditions: A Recovered Text of Bai Folk Songs in a Sinoxenic Script. Cambria Press. 2015

In 1958 while conducting fieldwork in Yunnan, a professor came across a ricepaper booklet with strange script created from Chinese characters. This turned out to be a folksong booklet in Old Bai script. She safeguarded it carefully through the tumultuous Mao years until the 1990s, when the political environment had relaxed enough for her to conduct full-scale ethnographic research. Very few such texts remain, and what makes this booklet even more valuable is that it records songs that have already disappeared, including some with sexually explicit content.

Yang Guocai.-The Bais, daughters of mount Changshan and Erhai lake. Yunnan Education Press. Kunming. 1995. 37 pp

This book was Publisher to commemorate the II International Conference of the Women, held in Beijing in 1995. Nicely illustrated, it depicts the vital cycle of the Bai women, stressing their love and wedding customs. Interesting the religious aspect of these ladies who in past sep the task of worship their ancestors.

Zhang Wen. - Jinchuan, a place where my dream and passion are embedded. Yunnan Peoples Press. 2004. 160 pp

This is a bilingual book, nicely illustrated, introducing the tourist attractions of Jinchuan. As Jinchuan County is the place where the Bai people live more concentrated the book is about them: their buildings, their costumes, their history and their environment.

- Ancient Architectural art of Dali (illustrated). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 2004. 173 pp

This is a nice book, full of pictures, about the classical architecture of the Bai from Dali. It explains summarily the main characters of their architecture, and show pictures of their most remarkable features.

- Dali China (illustrated). Yunnan Fine Arts Press. 1998. 116 pp

This is a book of pictures with captions in English, about Dali, the place of the Dai people.

- Fenghua xueyue Dali (illustrated).Bai.YNDX. 2004. 96 pp

This is a nice introduction to Dali City, the place of the Bai people, with carefully selected pictures. English and Chinese.

- Jizushan Mountain Travel Guidebook. 2005. 46 pp

Jizushan is the most famous mountain around Dali. It is full of temples and monuments that reflect the past of the Bai people. The book is a travel guide edited by the local tourism administration.

- Patchwork of Dali (Illustrated). Yunnan Fine Arts Press. Kunming. 1999.

This is a travel guide of Dali and adjacent places, in English and Chinese. It explains their main monuments, nationalities, with pictures and even advertisements of their most popular products.

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