Some Chinese books about the Bai Nationality


Duan Luoyao.- Nanzhao yanyi (Performing Nanzhao). Yunnan Peoples Press. 2000.

Some notes about the Nanzhao Kingdom.

Duan Shoutao.- Bai zu da ge ji qita (The Big Songs of the Bai and other songs). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1994. 343 pp.

About the most popular kind of songs of the Bai, specially their Big Songs.

Eryuan wenti ju.- Eryuan Xishan Bai zu wenhua (Culture of the Bai Nationality in Eryuan - 2 vols). Dali. 2000. 895 pp

The culture of the Bai in Xishan (Eryuan) in their songs, myths and legends.

Jie Huaiying.- Dali san ta shi hua (History of Dali's Three Pagodas). Yunnan Peoples Press. 1992. 89 pp.

Some stories, legends and folk tales related to the most famous monument of Dali.

Li Songfa.- Lanping minjian wudao (Popular dances of Lanping). 1994. 249 pp.

About the folk dances of the ethnic groups living in Lanping County: Bai, Pumi, Lisu, Nuzu (Rourou), and Yi.

Li Songfa.- Lanping Lama ren wenhua yanjiu (Researches on the culture of the Lama ethnic group in Lanping) Dehong Nationalities Press. 1997. 121 pp.

Maybe the only monograph dedicated completely to their culture. The book pays special attention to the beliefs and religious life of the Lama, with chapters dealing with the "benzu" cult, their cult to the ancestors, to the fire, etc.

Liang Wanfan.- Dali Xizhou Bai zu shehui jingji diaocha baogao (Report about the society and economy of the Bai nationality in Xizhou). Dali. 1959.

About society and economy of the Bai in Xizhou.

Luo Shibao.- Nujiang minzu wenhua yanjiu - Bai (Research about the culture of the nationalities in Nujiang - Bai). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1994. 133pp.

Researches on the culture of the Bai Nationality (Nama branch) in Nujiang.

Na Jialun.- Na Jialun sanwen xuan (Selected writings of Na Jialun).Sichuan Nationalities Press.1986.

Selected writings of this Bai writer.

Wang Lizhu.- Xiangyun xian shoashu minzu zhi (National minorities in Xiangyun County). Yunnan Peoples Press. 1990. 204 pp

About the minorities of this county: Bai, Yi, Lisu, Miao, Hui.

Wang Shouchun.- Meirenshi. Yunnan Nationalities Press.1993. 135pp

Six Bai folk tales.

Wang Shuwu.- Dali xingji jiaowang yunnan zhilue qijiao. Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1986. 107 pp

Notes of the old travelers in Bai Lands.

Wu Xiongwu.- Bai zu zhexue sixiang shi lunji (Discussions about the philosophical thought of the Bai Nationality) Nationalities Press.1992.

About the philosophical thought of the Bai Nationality.

Wu Guodong.- Bai zu yinyue zhi (A treatise of Bai music). Beijing. 1992. 395 pp.

After an introduction to the Bai and their music, the book deals with their different kinds of songs, musical instruments, themes, legends about the music, main artists.

Xi Shouding.- Bai zu minjian changsi xuan (Selected long legends of the Bai Nationality). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 2000.

Some myths and legends of the Bai nationality, in bilingual edition Chinese-Bai

Yang Cong.- Dali jingji fazhan shigao (About the economic development of Dali). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1986.

About the economic development of Dali.

Yang Hengxian.- Dali Minjian gushi jing xuan (Selected folk tales from Dali). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 2001. 297 pp.

Popular tales of Dali, classified as: environment tales, humorous tales, dragon tales, and benzhu religión tales.

Yang Jun.- Bai zu jianzhu mudiao. (Architectural carvings of the Bai nationality) Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House. 1990. 42pp

An illustrated book about the wooden carving used in the vernacular architecture of the Bai nationality.

Yang Meiqing. Dali fengwu sanji (Dali scenery). Dali. 86 pp

Some interesting facts regarding Dali city and the Bai culture.

Yang Shen.- Dali minjian youmo xiaohua xuan (Selected jokes and humorous tales in the folk literature of Dali). Yunnan Peoples Press. 2001. 170 pp

Jokes, funny stories, and trickster tales.

Yang Shexian.- Lanping. Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House. 2000. 86 pp

An illustrated introduction to Lanping district, inhabited mainly by the Lama branch of the Bai, and the Pumi.

Yang Zhengya.- Bai zu Benzhu chuanshuo gushi (Tales and legends of the Bai Benzhu). Yunnan Nationalities Press.1999.

Some of the most interesting legends about the historical figures worshipped in the benzhu religion of the Bai.

Yang Zhengya.- Bai zu benzhu wenhua (Benzhu culture of the Bai Nationality). Yunnan Peoples Press. 1994. 226 pp.

It introduces the different aspects of the benzhu religion, from its hypothetical origin as shown in the old folk songs and nature cults of the Bai, to the myths and legends that support it, their ceremonies and similar cults in other peoples.

Zhang Dongxiang. Bai zu yanyu (Proverbs of the Bai Nationality). Yunnan Nationalities Press.1992. 200 pp

A selection of popular proverbs of the Bai, thematically arranged.

Zhang Jinpeng.- Minju yu cunluo (Popular houses and villages). Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing. 2002. 141 pp

A rather technical, interesting depiction of the architecture of the Bai nationality.

Zhang Mingzeng and Duan Jiacheng.- Bai zu minjian jisi jing wenchao (Sacred scriptures of the Bai Nationality) Yunnan Nationalities Press. 2004. 330 pp.

A collection and translation to Chinese of the sacred scriptures that the Bai people use for their worship ceremonies. A calendar table in the first pages of the book shows the prolific religious activity of the Bai, with most of the days of a year assigned to one ceremony anyplace.

Zhang Wensun.- Bai zu shenhua chuanshuo jicheng (Selected myths and legends of the Bai). Shanghai. 1986. 374 pp.

With a lot of myths about the creation of the world, and the people, the origin of the dragon, the Bai kings, their hidden teachings, etc.

Zhang Wensun.- Bai zu wenxue shi (History of the literature of the Bai nationality). Yunnan Peoples Press. 1983. 565 pp

From the myths and legends regarding the epoch that antecedes Nanzhao Kingdom, to the historical times of Nanzhao and Dali kingdoms, benzhu tales, popular songs and folk tales, and contemporary literature.

Zhou Gu.- Dali lishi wenhua lun ji (Selectec articles about Dali's culture and history).Beijing. 1993. 172 pp.

The book starts with the picture of some old steles that provide interesting information about the old history of Dali, and then introduces some particularities of their language and folkways framing them in the present culture of the Bai.

Zhuo Wenlin.- Bai zu (The Bai Nationality). Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House. 2001. 92pp

An illustrated book about the Bai, with hundreds of small, but nice pictures about their life and costumes.

Zhao Yansong.- Bai zu wenhua yanjiu 2001 (Researches on the Bai culture in 2001). Nationalities Press. 2002. 596pp.

A summary of the researches carried on during 2001 on Bai nationality culture

- Dali Bai zu zizhizhou gaikuang (Overview of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1986. 242 pp

The book of this classical collection dealing with geography, history, ethnology, and the changes motivated by the arrival of the communist regime.

- Lanping minjiang wenxue xuan ji (Selection of Lanping folk literature) Lanping. 1988. 294 pp

100 pieces of folk literature of the peoples of Lanping: Bai, Pumi, Yi, Lisu, etc.

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