Bai proverbs: pearls of popular wisdom


The heart of the rich is black, as are the hands of the poor.

For one who has money every day is a party, for one who has not, all parties are the same.

Before eat you must taste, before you act you must think.

The eyes fear salt, the brain, laziness.

Food without salt has no flavor, words without reason have no interest.

Whether it rains or not, it is not because of the mouth of the frog.

A tree doesn't fear to grow many roots, neither should a person fear to read many books.

The person of sharp view often doesn't see the wrong, as the fish see the food but not the hook.

Good people think that the day is short; bad people think that the night is short.

There is no road to the place where there is hunt.

Even the highest tower begins with a brick.

If you do not fear the leopard, he will fear you.

Without food the gut is empty, without knowledge is the heart.

Thermal waters cure illness, academia the nonsense.

The beauty of the tree depends on its dense leaves, the force of the man is the sharpness of his genius.

The brute uses force, the sage the mouth.

The clever man depends on his actions, the fool on his hopes.

If the drum is not beaten, it doesn't sound; if reasons are not stated, nobody understands.

The kindness of the horse is not in its bells; that of the man is not in his words.

It is easy to say big words, but difficult to express big thoughts.

Don't fear not to know the road, only fear not to ask for it.

Don't fear the injustice of the sky but that of men.

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