Photo Exhibition about the Baima Tibetan


Here we introduce the English reader some of the most interesting pictures about the Baima Tibetan from the Chinese Webpages. The reader interested in find some English pages can better do it with his favorite search engine.

Natural reserve of the Baima
Author: Baluoke

With good Pictures about the Baima vernacular architecture.

Tibetan Bance - Baima incantation dance. Original dance of the Baima Tibetan

With an interesting article, unfortunately in Chinese, and some pictures about this magid dance of the Baima.

Snow flying, friendly dance of the Baima Tibetan.

Scenes of Longnan - Baima Tibetan

With six good Pictures of the local Baima.

Sichuan Province, Pingwu County, Baima Tibetan - A nationality with mistery.
Author- Fugewang

With ten Pictures about the everyday life of the Baima Tibetan, all wearing ethnic clothes.

Baima Tibetan in Sichuan, Mianyang.
Author: Liao Zhenxing

This photographer has two pictures in this web.

Picture one

Picture two

Customs of the Baima Tibetan - Beautiful village, unique night entertainment.

Pictures of what must be the Baima Ethnic Village and the nightly touristic activities.

Sichuan Wanglang Natural Reserve.
Author: Gao Shang

With many pictures to enjoy and also to buy


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