Some Videos about the Baima Tibetan


Four Sisters from Baima - Zhang Tongdao - 68 min - 2003

The Baima tribe is a Tibetan branch that still maintained primitive matriarchy and lived on hunting not long ago. In 1999, as a protective measure against the disastrous floods in the area where the Baima tribe has always lived, the government decided to blockade the mountain area and hunting was no longer allowed. This forced the tribe to change its traditional lifestyle. The four sisters in this documentary are the most beautiful girls in the Baima tribe. Blessed with native talents in singing and dancing, they are among the first to explore the local tourist business. They made money through performing for tourists and this caused controversy among the villagers. However, some of them followed the four sisters' example and joined the tourism business. The once quiet village has been growing restless ever since.

Baima People- 33'
Producted by: Yuanchuang Tiandi.

This video explains, in Chinese, many features of the culture of the Baima Tibetan living in Wenxian County, Gansu Province.

The Wedding of Yama - 30'
Produced by: Yuanchuang Tiandi

This video describes a Baima Tibetan wedding in Wenxian County, Gansu province.

Millenarian legends of the mysterious Baima Tibetan - 5,25'

A masked dance of the Baima

Feeling of Nine Villages

A Baima original song.

Dance of the Baima Tibetan

It must describe an original dane of the Baima Tibetan, but the result is not so good.

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