Some books about the Bulang


Howard, Michael and Wattana Wattanapun.- The Palaung in Northern Thailand. 2002. Silkworm Books

Howard, Michael.- Palaung in Northern Thailand 1980. New York

Lewis Harper Milne, Mary.- An elementary Palaung grammar. 1921. The Clarendon Press

Lowis, C.C..- A note on the Palaungs of Hsipaw and Tawngpeng (Ethnographical survey of India. Burma). 1906.

Milne, Mary L.- Home of an Eastern Clan: A Study of the Palaungs of the Shan States. 1924

Wang Guoxiang.-The Bulangs, flowers, love songs and girls. Yunnan Educational Press. Kunming. 1995.

This is the book about the Bulang published to commemorate the Second International Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995. With several pictures, it depicts the flowers language and some curiosities about the Bulang wedding customs.

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