Some books about the Buyi


Hudak, Thomas John.- Bouyei-English Lexicon. Arizona State University Monograph Series Press, 2002. 377pp.

Ma Hexuan.- The Buyis, leaves and songs as matchmakers. Yunnan Education Press. 1995. 37 pp.

This is the book published about the women of the Buyi of Yunnan to commemorate the Second International Conference of Women celebrated in Beijing in 1995. It depicts the dresses, songs and love and wedding affairs among the Buyi women. With many color illustrations.

In French

Cauquelin, Josiane.- Au pays des Buyi. Péninsule. 1997.

A detailed monograph of one of the most important minorities of the Tai stock. The Buyi are 2,5 millions. The book study linguistic and cultural aspects; historic, economic and social characteristics, and their main features of their religion and material development.

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