Image of the Buyi Nationality in the Movies


Yi shan pang shui Buyi ren - The Buyi people, between mountains and water.- 1994

Directed by: Wu Wenyi and Li Shengyong.

Screenplay by: Wu Wenyi and Li Shengyong.

A documentary film introducing the living spaces of the Buyi nationality, and the beauty of their surrounding environment.

Shanzhai huozhong - Spark in the Mountain Village - 1978

Directed by Liu Zhongming.

Main interpreters: Zhao Yaming, Wang Yuning.

In the spring of 1935, the Red Army resisting the Japanese invaders arrive to the Buyi nationality land. Some soldiers lodge in a Buyi stone village, where they are welcomed by the local Buyi fighting their landlord who oppresses the girl Cili. She is liberated, as the rest of the village who feast their new situation.

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