Buyi Nationality Photo Exhibitions


Pictures of Weddings - Recording the Changing Wedding Traditions

A series of pictures regarding the different wedding traditions in China. Here we have a Buyi nationality bride in Wudang District. From the picture number three (below the picture) to the nine, all are of different aspects of Buyi's wedding.

Buzi Nationality Eight Music

It is not properly a photo exhibition but an article in Chinese introducing this traditional music of the Buyi around Guanling, Zhenning and other counties south of Anshun. It has some pictures of the Buyi people singing and of their musical instruments.

Folklore of South Guizhou

This is an article about the folklore of the Buyi with several pictures that can help the reader to understand their culture. Especially interesting is the first picture, with a complete orchestra of the Buyi Eight Music.

Difficult to forget waterfalls Buyi Country

With 19 nice pictures of the best scenery of the Buyi people


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