The double wedding of the Chashan


The Chashan people enjoyed free sex before marriage. But after that their marriage was arranged by the parents without letting the young people have much of a say. Generally speaking, a cow was given as dowry, although wealthier families sometimes gave two instead of one, in addition to other gifts given in kind such as rice, eggs, meat and wine.

On the wedding day, the groom, the matchmaker and some of the young peoples' circle of friends set off towards the bride's home loaded with gifts where they were welcomed playing the gong (the same meaning as in English). There the matchmaker presented the gifts, and a pig and a cow were sacrificed with which to entertain the guests. Before eating, rice wine was used to toast with, and boiled eggs with a red cross painted on them were offered to the guests. In addition, a ceremony on behalf of the God of Heaven took place. Afterwards, the same was done on behalf of the ancestors. Later on, the elderly introduced the groom to each of the bride's relatives.
At night they used to eat, drink and dance till dawn. The groom, after having spent two nights at the bride's home, returned home with the retinue. After that, the bride left her parents' house with new clothes and some useful items. She was accompanied by her relatives to the groom's house. Once she got there, the groom also sacrificed a pig to entertain the bride and her relatives. A cock and a hen were sacrificed to honor the God of Heaven and other gifts were offered to the ancestors. Before the banquet, the groom's relatives also introduced each relative to the bride and the head of the clan. Following the banquet, some of the aunts showed the bride the different parts of the house. At night they sing and dance again till dawn.

After being married for three months, they returned to the bride's house loaded with presents as a sign of respect to the bride's family.

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