Ebing and Sangluo - A Dai tragic love


Ebing and Sangluo is a tragic romantic story of the Dai of Dehong. But, being the story of one more of these disgraceful loves so common in the world folklore, it is full of details that offer a glimpse to the life of the Dai.

Fringed in the Buddhist belief of the retaliation for our acts, prior to and wrapping the love story is the fight between a lady who possess magical powers and the religious orthodoxy represented by the temple and its monks.

We don't need a very hot imagination to discover that the bad lady symbolizes the original religions, while the Buddhist team represent themselves. She is bad and the "hes" are usually good. The abbot, her husband, the son.

We have vague news about her receiving from her father the ability to detect good quality jade stones, and even to change the bad stones in good ones. This ability is making her husband, himself a jade dealer, a rich person. But the couple have no children. A visit to the temple remember the husband that their evil doings impede them to have children, and effectively, after stopping to use her powers for the business she gets pregnant and has a baby who dies as soon as she resumes her practices. A second son has the same fate, and the third, Sangluo, seems to survive only thanks to her having gave up her evildoings.

Sangluo is white and handsome, arousing praise everywhere he goes. Arranged in marriage with the family of the governor when he was one year old, he rejects the compromise when grew to a handsome young. Instead he fall in love with a beautiful but poor girl.

The intervention of his mother will not only block their happiness, but also bring the tragedy to all them.

Gu Xijia.- Ebing and Sangluo. Guangdong Education Press 2007. 138pp

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