Photo exhibitions about the Deng people


In English we only find the article Dengba People in Zayu, written by Liu Bing, that include some small pictures.

In Chinese there are some nice photo exhibitions about the Deng people.


A nationality that wait to be recognized: The Deng people.

With seven good pictures about the Deng people and their environment.

Clothes an ornaments of the Deng people

Some pictures that provide a nice idea of the clothes and ornaments of the Deng people.

Some information about the customs of the Deng people living in Chawo County of Linzhi Prefecture in Southeast Tibet.

Many pictures that try to depict the live of the Deng people: Food, charms hanging from the wall, children, etc.

The mystical tribe of southeast Himalaya: The Deng people.

With a picture of an old Deng woman, and a detail of her deformed ear and earring.

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