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There are some Chinese Websites with information about Tibet hat provide some information also about the Deng people.

Mishmi Tribe , Arunachal Pardesh

Idus, Digarus and Mijus are the three broad categories of the Mishmi tribal communities. What is interesting about their nature is that they are quite amiable and also share their space with other tribes of Arunachal. Various anthropologists who have dealt with these Mishmi tribes have inferred an important fact.

Dengba People in Zayu, Liu Bing.

Include some small pictures. It is the most complete article in the web about the Deng people.

The Deng People in Nyingchi. Catherine Liu. In Chinatibetnews

The Deng people's costume is different from those of the other minority groups in Tibet, but similar to those of some minority groups from Yunnan Province. Having no transport facilities, they rarely had contact with the outside world, and life was difficult. A Deng folksong goes: "We live like monkeys in the deep forest, and see no sunlight all the year round."

Deng people in SE Tibet becoming prosperous via small-amount loans. November 30, 2009. Xinhua in Chinatibet.

The Deng people in Shaqiong Deng Village, Zaya County, southeastern Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture, used to rely on slash-and-burn farming and hunting with no stationary residence.
With the extension of small-amount loans from the Agriculture Bank of China (ABC). The Deng people began to shake off poverty and lead a better-off life.

Deng People in Tibet Enjoy Modern Life Heytibet

Tibet's Deng people, a branch of the native Tibetan who lived in west China's Tibet, have started their modern life with modern household appliances such as telephones and TV sets.

Deng, Darang of China. In Joshua Project.(With a map of the Deng inhabited areas)

Little is known of the Deng people and their origins. It is interesting that the Jingpo minority - who now live in western China and northern Myanmar - claim to have originated in Tibet. Considering the similarities between the two languages, it could be speculated that the Jingpo are descended from the Deng.

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