Chinese Bibliography about the Dong Nationality


Deng Minwen and Wu Hao.- Mei you guowang de wangguo (The Kingdom without king), 1995. 256 pp.

An exhaustive analysis about the traditional organization of the Dong society around the "kuan"; its origin, development, importance and main characteristics.

Dong xue yanjiu hui.- Dong xue yanjiu (Researches on the Dong). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1991, 379 pp.

About forty articles written by Chinese scholars about different aspects of Dong history and culture. Those articles, explaining different aspects of Dong life and culture, and the life of the Dong in different locations, is very useful to undestand the real differences between the Northern and Southern Dong.

Feng Zushi et all.- Dong zu wenhua yanjiu (Researches on Dong culture). Guizhou Peoples Press. 1999. 215pp

About the culture of the Dong, with chapters dealing with the origin of Dong culture, the material culture of the Dong people, the social culture of the Dong nationality, the spiritual culture of the Dong and the relation of the Dong ethnic culture with that of other peoples living near them.

Li Ruizhi.- Guizhou dong xi (Dong's operas in Guizhou) . Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1989. 280 pp.

A complete introduction to the musical representations of the Dong. It analyses its history, main works, thematic, musical instruments, authors and all the information related to this musical tradition.

Li Ruizhi.- Minjian dong xiju ben xuan (Selection of some Dong's operas) Guizhou Peoples Press. 1986. 333 pp.

Nine theatrical works of different thematic: Mythological, legendary, festive, etc.

Li Wanzeng.- Guanhua yu taiyang de erzi (Guanhua and the sons of the sun). Guizhou Peoples Press.1985. 233pp.

Some popular folk tales of the Dong Nationality.

Liang Min.- Dong yu jian zhi (The Dong language). Nationalities Press. Beijing, 1980. 115 pp.

Specially interesting in this book is the comparative table between the North and South dialects of the Dong language.

Lin He et all.- Dangdai dong zu duanpian xiaoshuo xuan (A Selection of contemporary Dong brief stories) Nationalities Press. 1988. 354 pp.

All the short stories in this book were written by Dong writers alter 1949.

Long Woxi.- Dong zu da ge pipa ge (The great songs and the pipa songs among the Dong). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1997. 291 pp.

This book is a study of the two most important types of popular songs among the Dong nationality: The Great Songs and the Pipa songs.

Long Yucheng.-Dong zu qing ge (Love songs among the Dong). Guizhou Peoples Press. 1988. 199 pp.

The book contains six long songs usually sung by the young Dong before marriage. Two of them are antiphonal songs used by the lovers to express their feelings.

Luo Kanglong.- Taoyuan shenchu yi Dong jia ("Yaoyuan", a Dong family in depth). Yunnan University Press. 2001, 78 pp

The evolution of Dong family live in the last decades: the marriage, social and ethnic heritage and identification, etc.

Luo Tinghua.- Dong zu lishi wenhua siguan (Cultural traditions in the history of the Dong). Guizhou Peoples Press. 1989. 297 pp.

About twenty articles explaining the Dong nationality's history, festivals, culture, art and literature.

Miao Yanxiu.- Dong zu wenxue shi liao (Materials for the history of the literature of the Dong) Lijiang. 1991. 974 pp.

A recompilation of literary materials of the Dong nationality. Myths and legends, folk tales, songs, and other literary manifestations are included in the book.

Na Gongyuan.- Sanjiang dongyu (The language of the Dong in Sanjiang County). Nankai University Press.1985. 302 pp

About the language of the Dong Nationality in Sanjiang County.

Qi Shasong.- Feng man mulou. Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1986. 503 pp

The work of this Dong writer.

Sanjiang minwei.- Sanjiang dong zu zizhixian minzu zhi (Nationalities of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County). Guangxi Nationalities Press. 1989, 152pp

An introduction to the Dong and other minorities (Miao, Yao, Zhuang) living in Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County.

Shi Mianhong.-Dong yu wen ji (Selected papers about Dong language). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1993. 226pp

A selection of 26 research documents about the Dong language.

Wang Yan.- Dong zu zhixiu (Dong nationality embroidery.) Yunnan University Press. 2006, 194 pp

A very complete study of the Dong embroidery, with the techniques, motifs, geographic distribution, etc

Wu Dingguo and Deng Minwen.- Dong zu dage (Great songs of the Dong) Guizhou Nationalities Press. 2005, 78pp

An introduction to the great songs of the Dong, their most precious form of musical expression. "Songs with a sacred position in the minds of the Gaem (Dong) people. They are indispensable spiritual nourishment."

Wu Hao.- Dong zu geyao yanjiu (Researches on the Dong's ballads). Guangxi Nationalities Press. 1991. 244 pp.

A detailed depiction of every aspect of the Dong nationality's ballads: origin, development, inner meaning, thematic.

Wu Yuejun.- Xingxing Gulou (The tower of the stars). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1995. 146 pp.

An anthology of Dong modern poetry.

Wu Zhangming.- Dong xiang haoshi jiu ge (The wine songs of the Dong) Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1994. 180 pp.

A selection of the wine songs of the Dong nationality translated to Chinese.

Yang Guoren.- Dong zu zuo ye ge (Work songs of the Dong Nationality). Guizhou Peoples Press. 1988. 215 pp.

A selection of the called "Work songs", among the Dong nationality.

Yang Quan.- Dongzu minjian wenxue shi (History of the popular literature of the Dong). Central Nationalities Press. 1992. 324 pp.

The popular culture of the Dong in the history of China.

Yang Quan.- Dong zu (The Dong Nationality) Nationalities Press. 2003. 163pp

A brief introduction to the Dong nationality. Their origin, way of life, dress, popular arts, religion and festivals.

Yang Tongsan.- Dong xiang fengjing lu (Culture of the Dong country). Sichuan Nationalities Press.1983. 326 pp.

An introduction to the culture of the Dong villages.

Yang Tongshan et all - Dong zu minjian aiqing gushi xuan (Selected love folk tales of the Dong).Guangxi Peoples Press.1983. 248 pp.

A nice selection of short romantic stories popular among the Dong nationality.

Yang Zongfu.- Dongge jiaoxue yangge xuan qu yibai shou (One hundred songs of the Dong). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1991. 345 pp.

One hundred songs of the Dong Nationality.

Zhang Renwei.- Dongxiang si chao (Fragments of Dong's poems). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1990. 123 pp.

Short songs of the Dong.

Zhang Sheng.- Dong zu yanyu (Proverbs of the Dong). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1996. 323 pp.

Proverbs are a way of expression of peoples' thought. This book is divided in ten themes: philosophy, advices, moral, works, folkways, agriculture, laws, marriages, etc.

Zhang Zuowei. Gaoyinhan si (Poem of Gaoyinhan).Yunnan Nationalities Press.1992. 156 pp.

The poetic work of a Dong poet.

- Congjiang dongzu mingge chuan ji (Popular songs of the Dong nationality in Congjiang). Congjiang.1985.232 pp

Collected songs of the Dong living in Congjiang.

- Dong jianshi jianzhi hebian (A short history of the Dong).CASS.1963.

Some preliminary texts of the Short History of the Dong.

- Dong zu jianshi (Short history of the Dong). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1985. 180 pp.

Structured according to the socialist theories of social evolution: antique society, feudal, semi-colonial, and socialist society.

- Dong zu jianshi (Short history of the Dong). Guizhou Minorities Press. 1964. 239 pp

A brief history of the Dong nationality.

- Dong lishi shehui diaocha (Researches on the history and culture of the Dong) Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1988. 221pp

Some of the first academic researches about the Dong, compiled in this book.

- Dong zu minge xuan (Selection of popular songs of the Dong nationality). Shanghai literature and art press. 1984. 380pp

Popular songs of the Dong nationality, thematically arranged: myths and legends, songs of the work, love songs, children songs and revolutionary songs.

- Dongzu wenxue shi (History of the literature of the Dong). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1988. 467 pp.

Chronologically arranged, this book spans from the time before Chinese Tang Dynasty to the modern times. It starts with the old dances, rites and ceremonies, it continues with the historical poems and legends, ending with songs and poems.

- Dong yan yu (Dong proverbs). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1996. 323pp

Some proverbs of the Dong.

- Dong zhai gu lou yanjiu (Researches on the Drum Towers of the Dong villages). Guizhou Peoples Press. 1985. 98pp

Nine articles of different scholars about the cultural meaning of the drum towers in the Dong villages.

- Guangxi dong zu lishi shehui diaocha (Researches about the history and culture of the Dong nationality). Guangxi Nationalities Press. 1987. 251pp

Some of the first academic researches about the Dong living in Guangxi Province, published together in the first wave of aperture after the Cultural Revolution.

- Guizhou sheng congjiang xian dong zu shehui diaocha (Researches on the society of the Dong nationality in Congjiang County, Guizhou Province). Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. 1964. 38 pp

One of the first reports about the Dong of Congjiang.

- Sanjiang dongzu zizhixian gaikuang (Overview of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County). Guangxi Nationalities Press. 1986. 148 pp

Overview of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County

- Tongdao dong zu zizhixian gaikuang (chukao). (First draft on the situation of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County). 1963. 64 pp.

First draft on the situation of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County

- Tongdao dong zu zizhixian gaikuang (Overview of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County) Guizhou Peoples Press. 1986. 114 pp.

Overview of Tongdao Dong Autonomous County

- Xinguang dong zu zizhixian gaikuang (Situation of the Xinguang Dong Autonomous County).1959. 83 pp.

About the general situation of Xinguang Dong Autonomous County.

- Yuping dong xiang minge xuan (Selected songs of the Dong in Yuping). Yuping. 1984. 183pp.

Songs of the Dong of Yuping County.

- Yuping dong zu zizhixian gaikuang (Overview of Yuping Dong Autonomous County). Guizhou Nationalities Press. 1985. 142 pp.

Overview of Yuping Dong Autonomous County

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