Some films about the Dong nationality


Love talking in the Drum Tower (Gulou qing hua) - 1987
Directed by Li Xiaolong. Screenplay by Mao Zhengsan
Interpreted by: Li Zhi, Wang Mei,

A university student arrives to a Dong village, where she become fascinated by the mystic feeling that surrounds their culture, and specially by their drum towers, the building where the Dong social feeling crystallize.

The Long haired girl (Changfa Mei)- 1963.
Directed bu Yue Lu, on a Screenplay of Yan Li. Children.

The drama of a Dong girl that can not get water for her sick mother.

The Qian drama (Qiang Niangmei) - 1960
Directed by Sun Yu
Interpreted by: Liu Yuzheng, Wu Jialin, Yu Zhongjun.

A Dong nationality girl escapes from an arranged marriage with her lover, Zhuang. But the landlord, who wants to posses her, kills the young Zhuang. With the help of the people, Miss Qian will kill the landlord and avenge her boyfriend.

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