Dong Photo Exhibitions


Traveling to the Dong village of Zhaoxing in Liping
Author: Yeyexinzhu

Nice photos of this place, the people is ready to celebrate one of the Dong traditional festivals. Wooden houses, narrow streets.

Recall on the Drum Towers and the equality of the Dong
Author: Geng Hong

A Chinese Web with five interesting pictures of the famous drum towers of the Dong villages.

Beautiful Dong Village
Autor: concon

The page is in Chinese, but you don't need to know Chinese to see the pictures. First there are some pictures about the natural environment of South Hunan, where some of the Dong inhabit; later some pictures show the architecture of this people, at the end we have some Dong paintings, really very interesting.

Bangpo Dong village

A series of pictures about this Dong village, with the focus in the layout of the village, the buildings and the construction techniques used to build them. Not very good pictures.

Two girls from Liping

The quality is not so good. Several photos of two girls with traditional dresses. Only for have a look.

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