Some books about the Dulong


Luo Rongfen.-The Dulong, face-tattooed women in nature. Yunnan Education Press. 1995. 39 pp

Though all the books belonging to this series are very short, in its few pages of text, this book introduces the reader some of the basic themes of the life of Dulong women. Their face tattoos and their repercussion in their social life when they go out of their traditional environment are one of the main concerns of the writer. Women relation with nature, their life cycle, the secret meaning of their traditional dresses and the powers that allow them to act as shamans, constitute the second part of this book. The book is illustrated with 32 color pictures.

Chen Ruijin y Luo Jintai.- Imprints of History-The last face tattooed women. China Travel and Tourism Press. 2006. 96pp

A nice illustrated book, full of color photographs, but also with an interesting text, depicting first some aspects of the Dulong's way of life, and later some of the old women who still keep their traditional face tattoos.

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