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Gao Longyuan.- Dulong zu - Gongshan Bingzhonluo xiang Xiaochala she (Dulong Nationality - Gonshan County Bingzhonglou Township Xiaochala village). Yunnan University Press. 2001. 286 pp.

This book is part of a series of books published by Yunnan University with recent field investigations about the situation of the national minorities of Yunnan.

Liu Dacheng.- Dulong zu (Dulong Nationality). Nationalities Press. 1998. 104 pp.

A short introduction to the Dulong minority culture.

Lu Jiarui.- Dulong zu qingge (Love songs of the Dulong Nationality) Yunnan Peoples Press. 1997. 122 pp.

More than one hundred love poems and songs collected among the Dulong minority.

Sun Hongkai.- Dulong yu jian zhi (Short introduction to the Dulong language). Nationalities Press. 1982. 248 pp.

About Dulong language. The section dealing with its dialects and the final lexicon show important differences among its two dialects.

Zhuo Wenlin.- Nuzu - Dulong zu (Nu Nationality - Dulong Nationality) Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House. 2001. 92pp.

An illustrated book about the Dulong and Nu nationalities. With hundreds of small, but nice pictures about their life and costumes.

- Dulong zu jian shi jian zhi hebian (Short history of the Dulong nationality). Kunming. 1963. 56pp.

About the history of the Dulong. It contains scarce information about them.

- Dulong zu jianshi. (Short history of the Dulong) Yunnan Peoples Press. 1986.

It depicts a history of the Dulong nationality, from their old times as recorded in their myths, to their fight with the foreing invaders and the changes experimented after the Revolution. As there are scarce information about the old history of the Dulong, most of the book deal with the changes in Dulong's society after the Revolution.

- Gongshan Dulong zu nu zu zizhixian gaikuang. (Report abut Gongshan Nu and Dulong Autonomous County) Yunnan Nationalities Press.1986. 103 pp.

After a brief description of Gongshan geography and history, there are some pages about the Dulong, Nuzu and Lisu living there. Most of the book is about the economic trasnformations carried on after the communist revolution.

- Dulong zu (The Dulong Nationality) Dehong Nationalities Press).1999. 352 pp.

The book begin with an introduction to Dulong's culture, it goes on with some articles depicting the changes of the Dulong's society, and ends with a praise to the unity of the Chinese National Minorities.

- Dulong zu shehui lishi diaocha (1). (Researches about the history and society of the Dulong Nationality 1) Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1981. 116 pp.

Nine articles, most of them written in the 1950s, about different aspects of the culture, economy, family life and society of the Dulong Nationality.

- Dulong zu shehui lishi diaocha (2 ).( Researches about the history and society of the Dulong Nationality 1) Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1984. 177 pp.

Ten articles written in 1960s with the first Chinese researches about the Dulong Nationality. The first one is an introduction to Dulong language written by Sun Hongkai.

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