The Tungus who met Count De Benyowsky in 18th century Siberia



Pg 52- "At length however we arrived on the 25th of July, and the 26th day of our march, on the banks of the river Angara, where we had the good fortune to meet a hord of Tungus Tartars, who gave us four elks, with a provision of dry fish, in exchange for tobacco and brandy. "
On the 26th we arrived at Illimsk, the capital of the province of the same name, situated on the banks of the river Illima."

Pg 61- "Though Judoma is composed only of six wretched houses, the place is well known, because it is the rendezvous of several Tunguse nations, and some hords of Mongols, who repair thither to trade with the hunters. It is by this contraband intercourse that the most beautiful skins pass into China without paying any duties ; and it would be
difficult for government to put a stop to it, because all the Cossacks, and their chiefs, are interested. In the month of November they meet at Judoma, to the number of four or five hundred armed men; besides which it is a part of the policy of government to wink
at this contravention, as it would be dangerous to excite the Siberians to revolt ; the slightest disturbance would arm the inhabitants, and, if this should once happen,
Siberia would be for ever lost to Russia."

Pg 63 - "The rich furs which the Koraks, Lamuths and Tunguses, who are in subjection to the Russian government, and whose number amounts to forty-two thousand souls, pay as a tribute to government, and of which the imposition is arbitrarily varied, according to the interest of these members, who in turn perform the function of Collector, supply them with the means of obtaining strong liquors, whatever may be their prices, and they do not fail to drown their cares in brandy."
"Two years before my arrival a battery had been erected on the point of land which closes the entrance of the river, in order to defend the town from the incursions of the independent Koraks and Tsuktsy, two savage nations who inhabit the northern part of the
province, and are irreconcilable enemies of the Russians. They maintain a correspondence with the subjected Koraks and the Tunguses, which circumstance finds
government sufficient business to prevent their confederation."

Pg 242 "From Uda to Ochoczk the coast runs N. E. and may be sailed along with safety
every where, at the distance of three leagues ; the depth of water being from fourteen to fifteen fathoms. The whole extent of this coast is inhabited by the Tungusi, who subsist on their flocks of elks, and the whales, which sometimes get aground"

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