Baoshan Ethnic Geography


In the western part of Yunnan Province Baoshan Municipality has a population of 2,4 millions. Most of them are Han Chinese, with only a 9,42% of minority peoples.

Among the minority people living in Baoshan there are about 70,000 Yi, 40,000 Dai, 37,000 Bai, 27,000 Lisu, and a small number of people belonging to other minorities.

Baoshan Municipality is divided in five county level administrative units:
- Longyang Zone.
- Tengchong County.
- Longling County.
- Shidian County.
- Changning County.

Most of the Yi living in Baoshan arrived there only for some generations ago, most of them migrated from Chuxiong and Dali prefectures. The main branches of the Yi present in Baoshan are:


Most o fthe Dai in Dehong call themselves Dai Na. They are related with those living in neighbor Dehong.

The Bai living in Baoshan call themselves Baizi, Baini and Baihuo.

There are two types of Miao in Baoshan, locally known as Han Miao and White Miao.

Of the 10 branches of the Deang nationality, the people living in Baoshan are from the Yaozheng branch.

The Wa living in Baoshan, due to long contact with the Han. Bai and Yi peoples, have lost their language and many characteristic of their culture, to adopt that of their neighbor peoples.

The Bulang of Baoshan inhabit Changning and Shidian counties. They call themselves as Pumang and Benren.

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