Indigenous ethnic groups of Yunnan- Book


Song Liying.- Indigenous ethnic groups of Yunnan. Yunnan University Press. 2007

In the age of internet when the information that we are used to receive usually is transmitted as small fragments sometimes only diffusely related, this book is an interesting experiment. A bilingual non academic work published by some reputed researches from Yunnan University, provides the reader with the basic information about the recognized minorities of Yunnan.

A bilingual book about Yunnan or Chinese minorities is not a new thing, as in the past some books inspired by the same spirit has been published. What characterize this book is the way the information is arranged, as small paragraphs more suitable to an encyclopedia, dealing with some interesting aspects of the life and culture of Yunnan nationalities.

The Naxi (including the Moso) are the nationality more deeply dealt with, have one hundred entries with a dispersed thematic from their Dongba religion to their famous dishes or places.

The book follows the model of some Chinese publications aimed to Han people that, living in minority's environment, need to know some basic facts about their life and culture.

In the English reader environment and its lack of more comprehensive encyclopedias regarding Chinese minorities, this book can be considered a kind of short or basic encyclopedia about Yunnan minorities.

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