Kunming Municipality


Kunming Municipality comprises all the territory surrounding Kunming City, capital of Yunnan Province. It has an area of 21,000 sq kilometers and a population (2000 census) of 5, 8 millions.

It is situated in the north central of Yunnan Province; the transport and industrial hub of the province, and the natural gate to every traveler visiting Yunnan.

It comprises three autonomous counties:

- Shilin Yi Autonomous County. In the east of the municipality, now is a turistic hot spot, as thousands of tourists arrive every year to visit the Stone Forest. It is the home of the Sani people, after 1949 considered a branch of the Yi.
- Luquan Yi and Miao Autonomous County. In the north, on the way to the Yi lands in Chuxiong. Most of the Miao are Flowery Miao or Ah-Mao.
- Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County.

- Six counties and cities:

- Anning City. Only 30 km off Kunming.
- Chenggong County.
- Jinning County.
- Fumin County.
- Yiliang County.
- Songming County.

- The five districts of Kunming City, with some administrative and cultural entities related to the Yunnan ethnic groups. Panlong District, Wuhua District, Guandu District, Xishan District, and Dongchuan District

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