Ethnic Groups of Yuxi


Yuxi Municipality lies at the south of Kunming, the distance from Kunming to Yuxi City is only 86 km. With an area of 15,300 square kilometers and a population of 2.08 million it has one district and eight counties.


Yuanjiang Hani, Yi And Dai Autonomous County. Home of some Hani groups, Dai and Yi branches. The women of these branches wear different dresses. Their languages are different, and the people belonging to each branch celebrate their main festivals in a different way.

Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County. Home of some branches of Dai (in the lowlands) and Yi, Miao and Kucong (in the mountains).

Eshan Yi Autonomous County - Mostly inhabited by Yi people (in the mountains) and Han (in lowlands).

Chengjiang County

Jiangchuan County

Tonghai County: With important Muslim Hui populations as well as some of the last compact communities of Mongols living in this province.

Huaning County

Yimen County

Hongta District

The ethnic groups of Yuxi

The population of the minorities in 2002 was(1):

Yi Nationality: 389,734
Hani Nationality: 102:712
Dai Nationality: 68,800
Hui Nationality: 37,120
Bai Nationality: 9,800
Mongolian nationality: 6,600
Miao Nationality: 5,800
Lahu Nationality: 5,612

Maybe the most famous of the Yuxi's minorities are the Huayao Dai (a generic denomination that includes at least three different branches of the Dai nationality) that are characterized to the outside world with wide hats of capricious shapes.

To understand a little more the ethnic richness of Yuxi it will be interesting to know the ethnic groups living there, what ill correspond with the branches of the officially recognized nationalities.

The main branches of the Yi living in Yuxi are:


The Hani braches are:

Hani - In Yuanjiang County.
Kaduo - about 7,000 in Xinping County.
Woni - most of them in Eshan County.

The Dai nationality inhibits mainly Xinping County, its branches in Yuxi are:

Dai Ya
Dai Sai
Dai Ka
Dai Le
Dai Lang

The Hui and the Mongolians are concentrated in some areas of Donghai County.

The Bai live in Yuanjiang County and other areas, they call themselves:


The Miao living in Yuxi call themselves:

A Mao
Mao Meng

Among them there are linguistic differences and their clothes show also clear differences.

The Lahu in Yuxi live mainly in dense forest of Xinping and Yuanjiang counties. They call themselves Kucong, and their ethnic identity is not completely clear.

(1) Chen Tianwu and Zhang Junjun.- Yuxi - Yunnan Folk Culture series. Yunnan Educational Press. 2002

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