Some books about the Hani - Akha


Bernatzik, Hugo Adolf.- Akha and Miao: Problems of Applied Ethnography in Farther India. New Haven: Human Relations Area Files, 1963

One of the pioneers studies about these peoples.

Goodman, Jim The Akha: guardians of the forest. Amarin Pub. Bangkok. 1997. 226 pp

A comprehensive look at the Akha minority people who live in Northern Thailand, China, Burma, Laos and Vietnam. Documents their villages, architecture, daily activities, ceremonies, costumes and ornaments.

Goodman, Jim.- Meet the Akhas. White Lotus.1996

Some aspects of the Akha culture.

Gunfield, F. .- Wayfarers of the Thai Forest the Akha. Time-Life Books, Amsterdam, 1982. 168 pp

As all the books in this series, it has a brief introduction to the life and culture of the Akha, and a vast amount of nice photographs.

Lewis, Paul W. .- Akha Oral Literatura. White Lotus. Bangkok, 2002

This book presents the first comprehensive overview of oral literature of the Akha ethnic group of Southeast Asia in English translation. Included in this overview are stories and legends, the epic story of two brothers, the epic poem of creation, proverbs and an Akha lullaby.

Lewis, Paul and Bai Bibo.- Hani sayings. Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1999. 255 pags.

Proverbs, riddles, bilingual in Hani and English.

Lewis, Paul and Bai Bibo.- 51 Hani Stories. Bangkok White Lotus. 2002.

The stories in this book are taken from the Dolnia dialect of Hani as spoken in the Luchun and Honghe area.

Lewis, Paul and Bai Bibo.- Hani Cultural Themes. Bangkok White Lotus. 2002. 149 pp

This book introduces some aspects of the culture of the Hani people living on the mountains of southern Yunnan Province in China. Shot articles show the life of the Hani people.

Lewis, Paul und Mah Poh Gu Law Gaw.- Akha ballads, poems and songs. Chiang Rai, Development & Agricultural Project for Akha, 1989. 313 pp

Lewis, Paul.- Akha-English Dictionary. Ithaca: Cornell Univ., 1968.

Lewis, Paul W. and Bibo, Bai.- Hani-English/English-Hani Dictionary. London. Kegan Paul, 1996.

Sturgeon, Janet C. .- Border Landscapes: The Politics of Akha Land Use in China And Thailand (Culture, Place, and Nature). University of Washington Press. 2005. 255 pp

"This innovative, carefully researched, and strikingly designed study will make an important contribution to comparative legal and institutional histories of resource management on the one hand and the analysis of sovereignty on the frontiers of nation-states on the other." -- James C. Scott, Yale University (From the Publisher)

Wang Qinhua.-The Hanis, females with strange marital costumes. Yunnan Educational Press. 1995. 37 pp

This is a short introduction to the life of the Hani women. Most of the book is about the sufferings of the women when, in the older society, they suffered parents arranged marriages.

Anonymous.- Honghe. Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1987. 138 pp

This is a illustrated book about different aspects of Honghe prefecture. The Hani, one of the main populations of that prefecture, merit a lot of pages in this book. Bilingual, in Chinese and English.

In German

Grunfeld, Frederic V..- Völker der Wildnis. Siedler der Thai-Wälder. Die Akha. Time Life 1982.

In French

Grunfeld, Frederic V..- Les errants de la forêt thaïlandaise - les Akha.
France Loisirs. Paris. 168 pp

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