Fiction films about the Hani/Akha


Alu and His Brothers - 2004 - 60 min.

Director: Zhou Yuejun

This piece follows the deterioration of the Hani way of life. As their terraced fields can no longer support them, Alu and many of his fellow villagers must leave in search of a better life elsewhere. They are trapped into working in a coal mine, and after many months of servitude can do nothing but flee to Kunming to try their luck. But Kunming has little to offer to uneducated and unskilled youth from the countryside, so what is left for them to do?

Rumade at Seventeen (ruomade shiqi sui) - 2003

The love store of a young Hani girl who knows a photographer…

A Glimpse at Aini People - 2002 - 30 min.

Director: Zhou Yuejun

Aini Mountain is a mountain where Aini People live generation after generation. Aini People have never tried to grow vegetables or crops. Instead, they depend on the way of "slash-and-burn cultivation". The building of a freeway, which later has become the bridge to the outside world, finally breaches this tradition. The foreman of the group is a Bai people, and he falls in love with a located Aini girl. The couple go back again ten years later, and put up a shed near the freeway, and live on the gaining of selling vegetables, which are grown in the rented land dilapidated by located people. Other Hani people begin find that they live a better life than the villagers who have their own land. They gradually learn to grow vegetables and do run a small business with people from the outside world.

A tale of Yunnan (Yunnan gushi) - 1993

Directed by Zhang Nuanxin. Screenplay by Tian Di and Jie Ting.

Entering a group of elephants (zuojin xiangjun)- 1989

Directed by Luo Xiaoling. Screenplay by Yan Tingting

Arrow without head (wutoujian) - 1988

Directed by Huang Ling and Huang Yan'en. Screenplay by Shi Yong.

The Haunted forest (kongpu de gui shenlin) - 1987

Directed by An Qingyun.

Screenplay by An Qingyun, Yuan Jian'an and Zhang Eryang

The Hani boy Gelong is brave and quick-witted. He fullfilled the task to suppress gangsters in concert with his father Manglele.

Drum sound in the Dark Forest (heilin gusheng) -1985

Directed by Chen Yan.

Screenplay by Wang Jing

In the begining of the liberation, a Hani leader Zhageli, of a joint defense team, exterminated the enemy who staged comeback, in coordination with the Liberation Army.

People with Black faces (heimian ren) - 1980

Directed: Zhang Jinglong and Shi Daqian. Screenplay by Zhao Donghui and Wu Shuang.

In Autumn of 1949 the People Liberation Army arrived to the Hani Mountains. The first day they met a man with black faces blocking their road. With their blackened faces the Hani girl Zongni and her sisters wipe out the gangsters of the zone.

Caravans with ring (shanjian ling xiang mabang lai) - 1954

Directed by: Wang Weiyi. Screenplay by: Bai Hua. Interpreters: Feng Qi, Wuyang, Yuyang.

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