Photo exhibitions about the Hani/Akha


The Akha are visited by thousands of tourist and travelers every year. Interested reader can find many photo exhibitions about the Akha with the help pf the main search engines. We introduce here to the international reader some of the most interesting photo exhibitions about the Hani/Akha in Chinese language webpages.

Jiayin Long Street Banquet - Xiangshu Web

One of the most interesting festivals of the Hani nationality is the Long Street Banquet, when all the families of the village arrange their food around the main street of the village, food that they will share at night.

This photo exhibition of 14 pictures shows the steps that lead to the celebration of this banquet, from the quiet environment of the early hours of the morning, until the lively time of the banquet. There is a small caption in Chinese under every picture but you don't need the language to enjoy the exhibition.

Guzhazha Festival among the Hani of Pu'er - Piao Ye

One of the main festivals of the Hani depicted throughout by mean of more than 20 pictures. The environment, the visitors, local people, ceremony, dances, foods.

Hani Folklore - Banna Daily

Nine pictures about the Hani living in Xishuangbanna Prefecture, known locally as Aini and as Akha out of China.

Hani Mother and Child - 56 foto

A nice picture of a Hani mother and child dressed in traditional clothes.

Hani girl - 56 foto

A Hani girl neatly dressed in her traditional clothes, at home with a magical light.


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