Some books about the Hezhe


Some references to Hezhe culture can be found in:

Loob, Fred H.- The Wonderful Treasure Horse: Mongolian, Manchu and Turkic Folktales from China.

Kira van Deusen .- The Flying Tiger: Women Shamans and Storytellers in the Amur. McGill Queens University Pr, 2001

Kira van Deusen ( studies the shamanism in the south Siberia. In this book she has some chapters about Nanai Story tellers.

Riordan, Jim.- Mergen and His Friends. A Nanai Folk Tale. Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1973.

Mergen, a Nanai hunter in Siberia, is aided in his goal to marry his true love by forest creatures he has spared or rescued

Khodzher, Anna; Van Deusen, Kira; Vorobeva, Victoria- Fox Mischief: A Nanai Tale.

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