Sexual life and marriage of the Hezhe


In the past most of the Hezhe were monogamous, though some rich, maybe influenced by the Chinese, had several wives.

The Hezhe always married people that belong to a different clan. Until the last years of the 19th century the Hezhe society was equitable and there was no economic component in the marriage. From then on, the influence of Chinese and Manchu transformed their weddings in a more complex process.

Before, the bridegroom only needed to go to the bride's house and request her to her parents. If they accepted, both they will spent the night together, leaving the following day for the husband's house. Influenced by Manchu and Chinese this simple ceremony became longer and more complex.

In the old times the marriage was fixed by the parents. Only a scarce exchange of gifts was given. In the XX century, due to the Chinese influence, the marriage changed to more complicated ceremonies, where the quantity of gifts increased. The bridegroom will go to the bride's house, where she will be waiting dressed with a red dress, wearing a red veil.

In the past it was frequent the exchange of wives among different clans.

In recent times, when the youth didn't agree with the election of their parents, they make the kidnap marriage. They presented in this way their marriage as an accomplished fact to their families.

The divorce was very strange in old times, because divorced people were discriminated against in Hezhe society.

The widows had freedom after the husband's death, although they generally married men widowers.

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