Image of the Jingpo in Chinese films


Impetuous girl pursuit spirits (mangnu zhuihun) -1990

Directed by Miao Yiqi

Screenplay by Shuo Feng and Wang Wenzhi.

Bush fire (huanghuo) - 1988

Directed by Wang Yan

Screenplay by Lian Zi.

In Troublous Times - Luan shi yinghao - 1988

Directed by: Xie Yuzhen

Screenplay:Yao Wentai

Main interpreters: Huang Guoqiang, Li Yunjuan, Liu Boming.

In the 1930s in the Yunnan border of the Golden Triangle, lives a family. The father is a herbal doctor that usually help the people. Her doughter is, in fact, the daughter of his good friend, that 20 years before was assassinated by the Shanghai mafia.

The brother answer - yingshen age- 1982

Directed by Wang Junzheng

Screenplay by: Yan Tingting and Wang Junzheng.

A children film about the Jingpo people.

Jingpo Girl - Jingpo guniang - 1965

Directed by: Wang Jiayi

Screenplay by Yang Su, Li Jianyao and Wang Jiayi.

Main interpreters: Meijin Malu, Muding madu, Daji, Zhang Yuan.

In the time of the Liberation a Jingpo girl lost her parents, becoming a slave of the head of the village. Day and night works for him. When she grew the headman wants to sell her as a wife for nine cows. When she refuses, the headman order tree her to a tree and whip her. She escapes and join the Red Army.

Lusheng Love Story- Lusheng lian ge - 1957

Diretec by: Yu Yanfu

Screenplay by: Peng Jingfeng and Cheng Xiping

Main interpreters: Wang Jie, Song Xuejuan, Li Jingpo.

In the basin of the Lancang River live the Lahu nationality. They are hard working and good hearted, but as they have been oppressed in history, they oppose the Guomingtang government..

Skirmishes on the border - Bian zhai fenghuo - 1957

Directed by: Lin Nong

Screenplay: Lin Yu, Yao Leng, Peng Jingfeng

Main interpreters: Da Ji, Wang Shaotang, Tian Lie.

The Jingpo suffered the oppression of the Guomingdang's regime. After liberation, though most of the bandits have been eradicated, the border is not still completely safe.

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