History of the Jino


According to Jinos' own traditions they are not the original inhabitants of their present lands. They should have emigrated from a not very far region, because following the road that they show to their dead, during the funerary ceremonies to carry his soul to the ancestors land; the experts have been able to trace with certain precision origin and migrations of the Jino.

The Jino think that the world was created by a goddess called Amoyaobai. Each branch of the Jino is considered to be originated by a female ancestor. It seems that they live in the present area since 13th century. According to their legends, confirmed in some aspects by the Dai's chronicles, there was a Jino queen among the Dai, who married one of the kings of Xishuangbanna.

There are numerous reasons to believe that during most of the history of the Jino their society was a matriarchy. They have several myths that narrate how the matriarchal society was transformed in a patriarchal one. In general, they consider that the transformation of the society was owed first to the introduction of iron's tools and weapons among them, and second to the militarization of some sectors of the masculine society.

The man that put an end to the matriarchal society is famous in Jino history for his hate to the women and for have murdered some of them. And although he was killed for his behavior, nevertheless he was the founder of the first patriarchal villages. In fact during many years there were among the Jinos, both patriarchal and matriarchal villages.

By the middle of the XX century, in 1942 a new cult arose among them that shook its social structure. In many villages the traditional ceremonies in praise of the goddesses Bailebao and Mopei stopped, and they have not resume again. Some rites and myths associated with them were lost forever.

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