Love among the Jino


The young Jino enjoy sexual freedom before the marriage. In some villages, they build houses where the single young of both sexes spend the night. There are no discrimination against the children of unmarried mothers.

When the boys reach the age of 14 or 15 years old they must pass through a ceremony of initiation called "wureha". Usually is a group of boys coming on age that pass it together. When they finish, all the people of the village meet and, sacrificing a cow, welcome them to the world of the adults. Starting from that moment it begins an instruction that teaches them the different aspects of the social, religious, productive and sexual life; in such a way that when they finish it, they are considered adults. They are also considered able to fall in love, and they stop to spend the night at home.

Among the Jino are characteristic the societies where the young people gather. There is one where the boys gather called Raokao, other for the girls called Mikao.

The young people fall in love in a long process of relations between the potential lovers. When they feel sure of their commitment, their parents fix their wedding.

Their marriage is monogamous, with vestiges of group marriage. It is thought that they have spent only the last centuries in a patriarchal society. In fact, in the family and social life, men and women have equal rights. There are still numerous vestiges in their family and social life that remind the time where their society was directed by the women.

After the marriage the wife will live in the husband's house. The day of the wedding a procession of the groom's family will go to the bride's house to take her. On the way to the groom's house her former lovers throw her dirty water, but when she arrives at the groom's house, his family throw her clean water. After the marriage they are faithful, and if not, the unfaithful can lose his couple.

They cannot marry people of the same clan. In some villages there are very serious punishments for those who violate this taboo. On the other hand, when two people of the same clan fall in love but do not marry; their love is respected even beyond their death.

When the woman gives birth, it is considered that she cannot eat chicken, pig and other big animals. Then the husband leaves to hunt a squirrel. After skin and to clean it, they make a soup for the mother to drink. This soup will have, according to their tradition, healthy effects to the newly born.

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