Documentary films about the Kucong


The Sixth Resettlement - 2009 - 55 min.

Director: Ouyang Bin

For thousands of years, the Kucong tribe have lived in the primary rainforests of the Ailao Mountain and led primitive hunter-gatherer lifestyles. However, things changed in 1949 with the proclamation of the People¡¯s Republic of China. A series of programmes were initiated to get the Kucong tribe to leave the forests and mountains, However, such initiatives did not go down well with the Kucong tribe. In the 50 years between 1958 and 2008, the Kucong tribe has been ejected from the forests five times; all five times, they escaped back to their homes in the forests. In 2008, the government decided to resettle the Kucong tribe for the sixth time ¨C will they leave the forests this time?

Cobweb Clothes of the Kucong People - Color - 40min - 2007

Directors: Liu Jun, Liang Li.

Like a story from the history books, one look at the spider web clothing was enough to grasp the plight of the Kucong people. In a walk into the memories of the Kucong people the film shows us the archaic process that Kucong people historically used to keep out the cold in their isolated mountains.

The Kucong People - 1960

Director & Script: Yang Guanghai

Documents the way of living of the Yellow Kucong, a sub-group of the Kucong, who are ing the PR of China today recognized as a subgroup of the Lahu, and who are living as nomadic hunters and gatherers in the subtropic forests in the southwestern Province of Yunnan next to the border of the PR of Vietnam. The film shows the nomadic life and traditional economy of the Yellow Kucong patri-lineages and extended patri-families, the inner-ethnic social relationships and traditional customs, the silent barter trade of the Yellow Kucong with other ethnic groups in the region and the religious ceremonies and rituals of the Yellow Kucong.

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