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Anonymous.- Mupamipa. 1979. Yunnan Peoples Press. 66 pp

The most important of the Lahu myths, translated to Chinese.

Cang Hongsi.- Lahu yu jian zhi (Brief introduction to the Lahu language). Nationalities Press. 1986. 139 pp

On the language of the Lahu. This book introduces the main aspects of the languages, studying the phonetics, grammar and vocabulary, with a small dictionary of some 2.000 words in the two main dialects Lahuxi and Lahuna; that shows important differences between these dialects.

Lei Bo.- Lahu zu wenxue jian shi (Brief history of Lahu nationality literature). Yunnan Nationalities Press.1995. 338 pp

This is an important effort to condense in a book the varied popular literature of the Lahu. Their works and literary productions are presented in a chronological, hypothetical order that drives us from the first songs that reflect the primitive existence of a tribe, until the big myths, legends and poems of great complexity. This book, for the width of its objectives, and the inclusion of the literature of the Kucong, officially considered part of the Lahu, is an interesting tool to come near both Lahu and Kucong literature.

Li Jinsen.- Lahu zu (The Lahu nationality). Nationalities Press. 2002. 140 pp

A simple introduction to the Lahu that have, nevertheless, a wide scope. It begin explaining the theories about the origin of the Lahu, and the mythic relation with the gourd. It depicts later some aspects of their history and their productive life; the basic aspects of their material existence and their spiritual life; of their literature and art, and of their medicine and technology. Among their pages they are some references to the Kucong, officially considered part of the Lahu.

Liu Qinrong.- Lahu zu minjian wenxue kailun (Some discussions about the popular literature of the Lahu nationality). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1998. 388 pp

It is a quite advanced study on the literature of the Lahu. Most of the literary texts are published in both Lahu and Chinese language. It will be a nice tool in the hands of the experts in Lahu culture, and the Lahu who can read materials in their own language.

Na Liang.- Yangzuomao. Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1994.

A Lahu writer tells her experiences.

Su Yuwei.- Liehu kaxie. Yunnan Peoples Press. 2003. 130 pp

This book depicts the family life of a family of Lahu heads. Intermingled in their private history are the Lahu life, culture and recent history.

Walker, Anthony.- Taiguo Lahu ren yanjiu wen ji (A collection of research papers about the Lahu nationality in Thailand). Yunnan Peoples Press. 1998. 255 pp

This book is a translation to Chinese of some of Anthony Walker's articles on the Lahu of north Thailand. The author, an anthropologist that devoted more than 30 years to the study of the Lahu, in the article dealing with the branches of the Lahu, already warns that it is necessary a lot of investigation on the Lahu of Burma and of China, and that the differences among the branches are so remarkable that it is necessary to specify on that type of Lahu is made reference in a study.

Xiao Gen.- Lahu wenhua lun (Discussions on the Lahu culture). Yunnan University Press. 1997. 261 pp.

This is a lucid analysis by this pair of dyadic writers, Xiao and Gen, of the history, economy, family life, culture, religion and main festivals of the Lahu.

Ye Duoduo.-Lancang lahu nuzi richang shenghuo (The everyday life of a Lahu girl from Lancang). Yunnan Peoples Press. 2005. 205pp

A famous Hui minority writer living in Kunming narrates the story of a Lahu girl from Lancang County. Full of black and white pictures, it is only a short story of the impressions of the writer during her trip to Lahu lands in Lancang.

Zheng Xianwen.- Xin zhong de Lahu shan (Lahu Mountains in my heart). China Cities. 2000. 178 pp.

The Lahu Mountains in my heart is a book written by a television journalist that made many travels in last years to the heart of the Lahu lands. It introduces the reader to the main aspects of Lahu culture: villages, festivals, dresses…

Zuo wenxue.- Lahu xian chang. Yunnan Peoples Press. 2005. 370 pp

These are the memoirs of a Lahu chief.

- Chawd mawd khawd. Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1993. 338 pp

A bilingual selection of the proverbs of the Lahu

- Lahu zu jian shi (Brief history of the Lahu nationality). Yunnan Peoples Press. 1986. 85 pp

The book is a brief history of the Lahu that starts in their mythical origins, discussing later the relationship between their supposed ancestors and the old Chinese dynasties. From the dynasty Song on, when their great migration takes place, the news on the Lahu are clearer. It describes briefly the main rebellions of the Lahu during the 18th and 19th centuries. The book ends with a depiction of present days Lahu economy and culture.

- Lahu zu jianshi zhi hebian (Brief history of the Lahu nationality). Kunming. 1963. 77 pp

A book that have very little of history and a lot of politics.

- Lahu zu shehui lishi diaocha (1) (Researches on the society and culture of Lahu nationality (1)). Yunnan Peoples Press. 150 pp.

This compilation includes thirteen articles about the history and society of the Lahu. Most of them were the first serious researches in China on Lahu culture.

- Lahu zu shehui lishi diaocha (2) (Researches on the society and culture of Lahu nationality (2)). Yunnan Peoples Press. 112 pp

A book with seven articles on the Lahu, specially interesting are the two articles on the Black Kucong and the Yellow Kucong, officially considered a branch of the Lahu nationality.

- Lahu zu shi (History of the Lahu nationality). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 2003. 513

It is a comprehensive history of the Lahu nationality living in China.

- Lahu zu wa zu benglong zu dai zu shehui yu jiating xingtai diaocha (A research on the society and family of the Lahu, Wa, Benglong (deang) and Dai nationalities). Yunnan University Press. 1975.

A study about the family situation of the Lahu, Wa, Deang (formerly called Benglong) and Dai.

- Langcang lahu zu zizhixian gaikuang (Situation of the Lancang Lahu Autonomous County). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1985. 110 pp

It explains the situation of Lancang Lahu Autonomous County in 1985. Most of the book is about resources and economy, but it includes also a brief introduction about its physical and human geography.

- Shuangjiang lahu zu, wa zu, bulang zu dai zu zizhixian gaikuang. (Situation of Shuangjiang Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai Autonomous County) Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1990. 130 pp

This book introduces the situation of Shuangjiang Lahu Autonomous County, inhabited by Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai nationalities, in the year 1990. There is a brief introduction to its history, environment and population.

- Yunnan sheng lagu zu shehui diaocha ziliao (Materials of the research of the society of the Lahu nationality of Yunnan Province). Yunnan Nationalities Press. 1963.

It includes several research papers about Lahu society.

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