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Bradley, David..- Southern Lisu Dictionary. 2008

The Lisu are a group of just under a million people, with nearly 600,000 in southwestern China, over 300,000 in northeastern Burma, over 40,000 in northern Thailand, and about 1,200 in five villages in northeastern India. Lisu is also spoken as a mother tongue by at least 20,000 non-Lisu in Nujiang Prefecture in China, and as a second language by many more there and in the Putao area of northern Burma. The language is one of the major components of the Central Ngwi subgroup of the Ngwi (Loloish, Yi Branch) group within the Burmic (Burmese-Lolo, Lolo-Burmese) branch of Tibeto-Burman. The Southern dialect group is found in Thailand, in Burma around Mogok and in various parts of the Shan State such as in the southwest near Taunggyi and in the southeast around Kengtung; also formerly in far southwestern Yunnan.

Bradley, David.- A Dictionary of the Northern Dialect of Lisu, China and Southeast Asia. Australian National University. 1994

Chalatchai Ramitanon.- Impact of deforestation and reforestation program on household survival strategies and women's work: The case of the Karen and Lisu in a village of northern Thailand. Chiang Mai University. 1992

Alain Yvon Dessaint.- Economic organization of the Lisu of the Thai highlands. University of Hawaii Press. 1972

Durrenberger.- E. Paul.- Lisu Religion. Northern Illinois Univ. 1989.

An introduction to Lisu religion. The work of Durremberger was carried on among the Lisu who live in north Thailand.

Fraser, J. O.- Handbook of the Lisu (Yawyin) language. Eastern Bengal and Assam Secretariat Print. Office.1922

Gratis in

- Fugong- Hou yueliang de guxian. Fugong. 2003. 120 pp

A Photo book about Fugong County in Nujiang Lisu and Nu Autonomous Prefecture, with short texts in English, Lisu and Chinese.

Stuart Johnson.- Lisu cultural identity and the role of Sang, Dance and the Sixian. In Mitchell, Sam.- Arts in Yunnan, Yunnan Fine Arts Publishing House, Kunming, 2004

The author love for music and anthropology brigs the reader an interesting, though brief, relation of the three weeks he spend in a Lisu community in Nujiang Prefecture. The relation of the people from Shanpotian with the music of the sanxian and the sixian, and their traditional dances, not recognized as so for other Lisu, lead the author to some reflections about the traditional cultures in a world where the minorities spend the nights when there is power watching in the TV the same programs that watch the rest of the world (or the country). And only go to dance when there is no power.

Klein-Hutheesing, Otome.- Emerging Sexual Inequality Among the Lisu of Northern Thailand: The Waning of Dog and Elephant Repute. Brill Academic Publishers. 1997

The Lisu people, whose lives have been recorded in this publication, are predominantly women of a mountain community in northern Thailand. Along with their men, they have been growing poppies for opium for over a century, the sales of which have been sustained their non-authoritarian society and its implied repute ideology.
While living with them for several years, the author observed how newly introduced substitute crops involving a change in production and trade relations had upset the previously egalitarian basis of female and male worth, as exemplified in the metaphor of elephant and dog. The modified gender system in which the Lisu female has become an underdog is described against the backdrop of conventional ideas regarding the cosmic forces, the division of labour, bridewealth and marriage.

Lin, Xu & Yuzhang, Mu.- A study on the Genesis of the Lisu people. CAAL Monograph series, No. 7.

Maitra, Asim.- A Guide Book to Lisu Language. Mittal Publications. 1988

Maitra, Asim.- Profile of a little-known tribe: an ethnographic study of Lisus of Arunachal Pradesh. Mittal Publications, New Delhi. 1993

Morse, Robert H.- The Lisu of northern Thailand. Asia Library Services 1975

- Nujiang Lisu zu - (Lisu Nationality in Nujiang). Yunnan Nationalities Press, Kunming, 2004.

A very simple illustrated introduction, in Chinese and English, to the Lisu of the Nujiang River.

Rose, Archibald & Brown, J Coggin.- Lisu (Yawyin) tribes of the Burma-China frontier. Memoirs of the Asiatic Society of Bengal Vol III, No 4, Pp 249-277.

Yang Guangmin.- The Lisus, women not to be blocked by canyon. Yunnan Education Press. 1995.

This book was published to commemorate the Second International Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995. The pictures of this volume depict well make-up Lisu women. The text give only some general ideas about the Lisu women, stressing the importance of the religion in Lisu lives: "Lisu primitive religion was preserved until 1950s as a microcosms of Lisu culture. This religion was a rich source of Lisu tradition, held the survival of this ethnic groups and their hope in the future."

-Fugong-where the stone moon rises (illustrated). 2003
An introduction to Fugong County, at least in this government sponsored book, there are a lot of pictures of the Lisu people and their environment, and not so many of government accomplishing: buildings, dams, factories.

In French

Dessaint, William y Ngwama, Avounado.- Au sud des nuages.- Gallimard. 1994.

With a nice introduction about the present day Lisu, the book is divided in myth and Folk-tales. The folk literature includes legends, fantastic tales, animal tales, trickster tales, etc.

There are many books about the missionary activities among the Lisu, and the activities of James Fraser and Isobel Khun.

Bolton, Leonard.- China Call: Miracles Among the Lisu People

Dittemore, Warren.- Tibetan-Lisu Churches of Christ: Ai-Wa, Yunnan, West China (Via Likiang) . 1945

Hoadley Dick, Lois.- Isobel Kuhn: The Canadian Girl Who Felt God's Call to the Lisu People of China. Bethany House. 1987

Howat, Irene.- Isobel Kuhn: Lights in Lisu Land. Christian Focus Publications. 2001

Kuhn, Isobel.- Stones of Fire - the Story of a Young Lisu Tribeswoman.

Kuhn, Isobel.- Nest above the abysm.

Maitra, Asim.- Phyllis Thompson: King Of The Lisu

Behind the Ranges: Fraser of Lisuland, S. W. China By Mrs. Howard Taylor. 1944
Lutterworth press and the China inland mission

Thompson, Phyllis.- James Fraser and the King of the Lisu

Thompson, Phyllis.- King of the Lisu

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