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Moon of Stone (Shiyueliang)- 2003 - China.

Directed by: Wang Wei and Wu Kuangwen.

In the environment of the resistance of the peoples of Nujiang River to the advances of British army in the first years of 20th century, a love story between Heapu, the head of a Lisu village and Musana, the daughter of the local landlord (tusi), try to develop against all the natural impediments.

The head women (Nutouren)- 2006 - China - 90 min

Directed by: Pan Jingcheng.

The film starts with the death of a Lisu headman when the bandits attack his village. 18 years later, his daughter, Nasyu, with the help of the people, will become the head of the village.

Huo Gua (Hong he gu II Huogua) -2006 - China - 97 min.
Directed by Wang Zhengjie.
Main interpreters: Wen Bixia, Zhang Lei, Li Yu.

The young Nasan is a beautiful Lisu girl that must follow the secular tradition and marry with her cousin. After that she live an boring life until a group of English traders arrive to the village. She discover their secret objective, and with the help of a Han boy whom she really loves, both them try to save the country.

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