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Liang Minpian. - Maonan yu jian zhi (Introduction to the Maonan language). Nationalities Press. Beijing. 1980.

On the Maonan language, it introduces its phonetics, lexicon, and grammar; with a small dictionary at the end of the book.

Lu Minfei. - Maonan shanxiang fengqing lu (Notes on the folk-lore of the Maonan of the mountains). Sichuan Nationalities Press. Chengdu. 1994.

On the culture of the Maonan in their mountains. With chapter dealing with the material culture and spiritual life, economic conditions and cultural characteristics.

Meng Guorong. - Maonan zu fengsu zhi (The customs of the Maonan). Central Institute of the Nationalities Press. Beijing. 1988.

Dress and production, marriage and ritual cycles, festivals and religion.

Meng Guorong and Wang Geding. - Maonan zu wenxue shi (History of the literature of the Maonan) Guangxi Nationalities Press. Nanning. 1992.

From the first songs and ballads reflect of the remote times, to their myths of the creation of the world and of the human beings. It includes also legends of historical events, stories, legends and folk tales. Inside this book there is a good introduction of the most characteristic songs of the Maonan, called "geshi". Although each one of the types is introduced with several examples, they are not as abundant as to make pleasant their reading to the non specialist reader, only fond of popular literatures.

Mo Jiaren. - Maonan zu (The Maonan) Nationalities Press. Beijing. 1988.

An introduction to the Maonan, emphasizing the economic structure of the society, marriage, religion and culture.

- Guangxi Huangjiang xian Xiatang xiang maonan zu shehui lishi diaocha baogao (Rapport on the research of the society and history of the Maonan of Xiatang Township in Huangjiang County, Guangxi Province). China Academy of Social Sciences. Beijing. 1965.

One of the first studies carried about the society of the Maonan in Xiatang Township.

- Huaijiang xian Xianan qu Zhongnan xian Maonan zu shehui lishi diaocha baogao (Rapport on the investigation of the history and society of the Maonan of Zhongnan village, in Xianan zone of the Huaijiang County). Guangxi Nationalities Press. Nanning. 1965.

On the Maonan of that area, as indicates its long title.

- Huanjiang maonan ren qingkuang diaocha (Research on the situation of the Maonan of Huanjiang). Guangxi Nationalities Press. Nanning .1953.

One of the first studies on the Maonan published after the revolution of 1949. The relative freedom of the time makes the book a much more objective and interesting work, than those published in the following twenty years.

- Maonan zu, Jing zu minjian gushi xuan (Chosen Stories of the Maonan and Jing nationalities). Shanghai literature and the art Press. 1987.

One of the best compilations of Maonan stories that include myths and legends, and different kinds of works of their oral literature.

- Maonan zu jian shi (Brief history of the Maonan). Guangxi Nationalities Press. Nanning. 1984.

Instead of a chronological story with the most important events in the history of the Maonan, it presents us the old society and the modern society of the Maonan. This second begin logically with the establishment of the communist regime in their lands.

- Maonan zu jian shi jian zhi hebian (Brief history of the Maonan).

Published in first years of the 1960s, this book it is focused in the contemporary history of the Maonan.

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