The marriage of the Maonan


Their marriage is arranged from the childhood for the parents. The maternal uncle and the matchmaker played an important function in their weddings.

The ceremony of the wedding was directed by the maternal uncle. The song plays a fundamental function in this ceremony; in most of the weddings we can find the participation of an almost professional singer. It is necessary to take the bride to the groom's house, in the way carrying out a series of ceremonies to get rid of the demons.

While the relatives of the bride sing their sadness, those of the groom sing their welcome. A greeting to the gods it is also sung before taking her to the nuptial camera.

After spent the night in the bridegroom's house the bride come back to her parents' house, where she made single life in all aspects during 8 or 10 years or until become pregnant. During these years she only spends some days in her husband's house in the season of more intense agricultural work.
Making the same life as when she was still unmarried, it is common to be courted by the boys in festivals and ceremonies. If she gets lost with somebody in the forest or a cave, it should be secretly because she is already married.

The man's adultery is punished, although generally is enough with making an offering of pardon to the deceived husband.

They are monogamous. The younger brother usually marry his elder brother's widow, but only if both agree.

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