The paintings of Zhao Chun: searching for the goddess in the Miao women


Zhao Chun is a Chinese painter whose late works have treated the Miao woman. Starting in a realistic and baroque depiction of the Miao women, all them impeccably attired with their most elaborated traditional dresses and their most enticing head ornaments, Zhao Chun set free his personages in the universe. And in a moment, for the magic power of the painting, they become goddesses.

Goddesses of the universe, as we see in some of the paintings, where, under the suggestive titles as: "Red sail" "Remembering the river" "Pursuing dreams" "Night wind", "Between heaven and earth", they adopt a telluric aspects that seems to fulfill the attributes of the goddess. So we can see them as big as the sun, talking with the wind, caressing the moon, living in the celestial environment suitable to their immortal quality as goddesses.

Sometimes they preside aver more quotidian environments, as the nicely painted streets of an idealized Miao environment or the wooden doors opened by the women to unfathomable mysteries.

Zhao Chun idealizes the Miao women, make them the center of the life and the universe, with his hyperrealist approach to the Miao women he connects with the rich feminine mythology of goddesses descending from the heavens, teaching the human beings how to live on this planet.

His search for the mythic reality of the Miao women let Zhao Chun to explore one of the most recurrent themes of Chinese arts that of the ultra sophisticated Miao women, in a completely new perspective. Something, we hope, the art lovers, and ethnic lovers, will appreciate.

Zhao Chun was born in 1970 in Shenyang City, Liaoning province, China. The book "Dreams - oil paintings of Zhao Cun" was published by Liaoning Fine Arts Publishing House in Shenyang in 2007

One of his paintings can be seen in Cangdian Website.

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