Some books about the Moso


Cai Hua.- A Society without Fathers or Husbands: The Na of China. Zone Books. 2008.

One of the most interesting books about the Moso. The writer knows deeply Moso life, history and culture. Out the common themes usually repeated in Chinese ethnologic works, and of the lake folklore. Though the main theme is the Moso system of marriage, the author did not forget other important aspects of Moso history and society.

Cheng Hongguan.- Eastern girls kingdom. Xianggang.1998. 112 pp

A short introduction, mainly graphic, but with short texts in Chinese and English, of the Moso and their famous Lugu Lake.

Mathilde ter Heijne.- The empire of woman - not a fairy tale. Currents art and music. 2007. 36 pp

A booklet, as cartoon, explaining the main characteristics of Moso culture.

Liu Xuehan.- Discovering the Mysterious Oriental Kingdom of the Female. Yunnan Nationalities Press, 2006. 108 pp

It includes some chapters about marriage, customs and legends, an the The Story of A Women Kingdom of Female narrated by the last Moso Chieftain's wife Ci'erzhima.

Christine Mathieu.- A History and Anthropological Study of the Ancient Kingdoms of the Sino-Tibetan Borderland - Naxi and Mosuo. Edwin Mellen Press. 2003. 532 pp.

One of the best books about these two peoples with history so related.

Oppiz Michael And Elisabeth Hsu. Pictographs By Mu Chen .- Naxi And Moso Ethnography. Zurich 1998. 396 pp

Some articles written by renowned scholars about the culture of the Naxi and the Moso.

In Spanish language:

Ceinos Arcones, Pedro.- Shangrilá - Viajes por las fronteras chino-tibetanas. Madrid, 2006.

This travel book has a chapter explaining the Moso environment and culture.

Coler, Ricardo.- El Reino de las mujeres. Madrid. 2007 190 pp

A narration of the travel of the Argentinean journalist to the land of the Moso, where "The women are who keep the power and there is neither violence nor ferocious competence."

Namu, Yang Erche.- La tierra de las mujeres. Barcelona. 2003. 332 pp

The autobiography of Namu, the famous Moso singer.

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