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The Lugu Lake - Mother Lake (An exploration of the Mosuo Ethnic Culture) is a join work of the writer Lamu Gatusa, himself a Moso born near the lake, and Li Yuebo, a well known photographer who has visited the area extensively. The result is a nice book with nice pictures and an interesting, though concise texts.

Here are some words from the Preface written by Lamu Gatusa.

Some people regard the Lugu Lake as a poem, a dream and a mysterious land which is beyond description but will always arouse much interest and thinking. Others look upon it as a place like a wonderland or Utopia which can be described only in wonderful music from the bottom of your heart.

I always regard the Lugu Lake as my hometown where my soul is forever wandering about and my beautiful dreams have taken root. In the eyes of the outsiders, the Lugu Lake is like a mellow wine brewed in the mysterious past with which the passing travelers will get intoxicated, where the disappearing past is audible to those who miss the glorious past and hope for a brighter future. As for me, the Lugu Lake is like a black -colored earthen jar filled with the Mosuo´s past: their songs, prayers, recollections, expectations, irresolution, misery and happiness which in fact have been inscribed in their hearts and their holy land - the Lugu Lake.

In the Lugu Lake area, the Mosuo matriarchal society still exists, and the traditional Mosuo religion and marriage custom have survived with the drums echoing at dusk and the bells at dawn.

Lamu Gatusa (texts) and Li Yuebo (pictures).- The Lugu Lake - Mother Lake (An exploration of the Mosuo Ethnic Culture). Yunnan Peoples Press. Kunming, 2000.

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