A book about the kinship system of the Nahing


This book explores the difference in kinship and marriage among the Na (Moso) people of northwest Yunnan, a nice attempt to clear the intricate ethnic panorama of Yunnan province that will we welcomed by all those interested in Yunnan's ethnic groups as a whole or the minorities of Northwest Yunnan.

Abstract: "The Nahing people are an ethnic group living in Ninglang County, Yunnan Province, China. There are many affinities between the Nahing people and the Na people of Yongning. The latter are well known for its unique system of "visit" marriage. In this thesis, the author describes all aspects of the practices of the Nahing's kinship system, including the system for representing the body, the consanguinity, incest prohibition, kinship nomenclature, marriage, residence and property inheritance and cognomen. The conflict and coexistence between the patrilineal and matrilineal factors in this ethnic group are revealed in the description. The unique kinship system of the Nahing indicates that its social consanguinity is neither a patrilineal one nor a matrilineal one, but belongs to a new type."

"Combining local conditions and politics, ethnic groups and demography, the author also gives a review of the factors that contribute to the variance of the indigenous kinship system."

"Based in his own filed materials and his predecessor's researches, the author compares the modalities of sexual practices of the Nahing people, the Na people of Yonning and the Na people of Labo. In the study the author indicates that the kinship system of the three Na groups is a potentially valuable subject for a further comparative research."

Aristocratic Descendants of Daughter's Mountain - The kinship system of the Nahing (Nuer shan de guizu houyi). Li Rui, Yunnan Peoples Press, Kunming, 2009

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