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The Na of Southwest china

With interesting graphic information about the Moso and the Moso Film festival.

Rough Cut: The Women's Kingdom Background Facts and Related Links.

Learn more about the Mosuo and other matriarchal societies around the world, including the world of mythology. Interesting information accompanying the film The Women's Kingdom.

Mosuo Song Journey

About the documentary film of the same title.

Time Asia Minority Report

The Mosuo, a small matrilineal tribe in central China, are preserving their traditions by exploiting them. By Matthew Forney

Ladies of the lake - CNN traveler

On the shores of China's Lugu Lake, paternalistic family values are turned on their heads. Peter Ellegard reports from Luoshui village, where women rule the roost and free love is the norm.

The Sirens of Lugu Lake.- Jim Goodman CPA-media

Mosuo Minority, Yunnan, China

A nice introduction with a lot of pictures about the Moso

Mosuo: A Mysterious Matriarchal Group in China

A big article of seven pages explaining the basic characters of Moso culture

Mosuo Culture Research association

In Chinese, the place gathers msany interesting information about the Mosos culture.


Lugu Lake Mosuo Cultural Development Association

The Mosuo face many modern challenges, and the purpose of the Lugu Lake Mosuo Cultural Development Association is to work with the Mosuo as partners, to provide them with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to accomplish the goals that they have determined are most important. All projects are led by a team of Mosuo leaders (read our Statement of Purpose for more information about this), and focus on projects that are long-term and sustainable (not just giving hand-outs that promote dependence on outside aid).

In French


An graphic introduction to the life and environment of the famous Moso singer, and the small hotels in Lugu Lake and Lijiang

In Spanish


With several articles dealing with the Moso.

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