Marriage of the Mulao


Most of the steps of the Mulao wedding follow a ritual very common in China.

The day of the wedding, the bridegroom sends a group of friends and relatives, with singers to take the bride from his parents' home. The family of the bride receives them singing the song called: "Access Impediment", asking their reasons to visit them.

The bridegroom's family then must sing: "Opening the door" in answer to their questions. Then they are received by the bride's family, where a banquet is celebrated.

The second day, after make reverences to her ancestors, the bride will left with the bridegroom's cortege and her own cortege, to the bridegroom's house. When they arrive, they are stopped again before enter the village, by the bridegroom's family singing "Access Impediment". After sing "Opening the door", the bridegroom, who is waiting for them, go to receive the bride. He takes her to honor his ancestors.

After spend the night together, the following day the bride come back to her parent's house. Little by little she becomes familiar with her husband's family. The first year she visits her husband only in Spring Festival or in Harvest time. Though later she goes to visit him more frequently, they live separated until she gets pregnant, when they start to live together.

They can divorce on mutual agreement.
The widows can marry again six months after the husband's death, whenever they give compensation to the previous family.

In the past, if a couple have not male children, the husband can take concubines.

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