The descend of Man, the main myth of the Naxi


The Descend of man, Creation of the world, or The Migration, is the main myth of the Naxi people. This myth is usually told in their main ceremonies of their Dongba religion and especially in their Sacrifice to Heaven, the annual ceremony to honor the heavenly gods. Both myth and ceremony are central to the Naxi traditional culture, keys to understand their most important ethnic characteristics. This myth is also the heroic history of the ancestors of the Naxi people and of their Tu Kings.

In the myth sound and breath transformed themselves in a pair of eggs, one white and one black, which transform themselves also in the ancestors of the human beings and demons. After some generations of human beings, Congrenlien and his five brothers and six sisters pair between themselves annoying the gods. Congrenlien knows of the coming flood and the way to avoid it, becoming the only human being that survives it. He wanders alone looking for a woman to marry. In his first encounter with two goddesses he choose, against the advice of the gods, the good looking one, that is unable to born human beings. He wanders alone again and met with Cunhongbaobai, the daughter of the Heavenly god Zhilao Apu, who has been promised to a family of deities she dislikes. Love surges between and Cunhongbaobai takes Congrenlien with her to her heavenly home. Though she hides her human boyfriend, her father discovers him. Before allow the marriage of a heavenly princess with a human being, Zilao Apu probes the abilities of Congrenlien, asking him to put fire in a field, to cut the trees, to sow the seeds, and harvest the grain, tasks that Congrenlien is able to complete only with the magic help of Cunhongbaobai. When he thinks his tests are over, he must survive a dangerous hunting expedition and a fishing evening. At the end he must get three drops of tiger's milk.

The couple them leave their heavenly home and go down to earth with the five grains and the domestic animals as dowry, in their way they are harassed by the weather deity to whom Cunhongbaobai was formerly promised, but the appease him with some offerings. After some time in the earth they have three sons, which can not speak until their fathers make the Sacrifice to Heaven to honor their heavenly ancestors. These three sons are the ancestors of the Tibetan, Naxi and Bai peoples.

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