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Da dongba de nuer - The daughter of the Big Dongba. 2006

Directed by: Han Zhijun.

Main interpreters: Yang Mei, Yang Shulin.

The history of two extraordinary Naxi sisters. Older sister, He Na, becomesa famous singer, called "Queen of the Naxi songs", the younger, He Xi, deaf and dumb, though beautiful and intelligent, suffer many hardships. But later, after a casual encounter with an Austrian student, and the help of her sister, He Xi overcomes all her difficulties becoming the "Queen of the Naxi dance."

A Dumb Girl in The Snow-capped Mountain- 2006 - 90 min

Director: Han Zhijun. Fiction

Two sisters in Lijiang are born to different fate. Unlike her older sister who is a gifted singer, He Xi is dumb. However after meeting Jack, a young man from Vienna, her life has been completely changed.

Gucheng Qingsheng - The qin sound in the Old city - 2004

In the beautiful Lijiang, a young Naxi named Hejiang meet amusical researcher arrived from Beijing. The grandfather of Hejang was one of the persons that work for the revival of the Naxi folk music. Under his direction they travel around the Naxi lands being impregnated slowly by the spirit of the old music

Qian Wang - King of Money 2002

Directed by: Yu Min

Screenplay: Zhong Yuan

Main interpreters: Cheng Long, Gao Ming, He Lin

Shanling xiongmeng - Ferocious Shanling - 2001

Directed by: A Gan

Screenplay: A Gan.

Main Interpreters: Hong Dou, Tian Mengmeng, Liu Haibo.

In a strange hostel near a forest in the Naxi lands, five young travelers met casually. After dinner, talking and drinking with the old Naxi folk who run the hostel, they listen to a curious history about a big animal that lives in the deep of the forest. Considered by the Naxi as an auspicious animal, during centuries they keep the secret of its existence.

After listening to the old Naxi story, every one of the young travelers, start to search for the shanling, as the beast is called. Be for love to the science, be in the hope of a generous reward, all them irrupt in the forbidden domains of the shanling with unexpected consequences.

Xu Xiake chuanji - The Legend of Xu Xiake - 1996

Directed by: Du Yunping

Screenplay by: Li Yunfei and Du Yunping.
Main interpreters: Xu Dongfang, Zhu Haibing, Zhang Jianguo

At the end of the Ming dynasty, Xu Xiake is sent to Jizushan mountain, near Dali. In the following years he explores part of the then unknown southwest Yunnan.

Xinyun de xing - Fortunate star - 1989

Directed by: Abuer.

Screenplay by: Du Xiao'ou.

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