Old pictures of the Naxi


As most of the search engines will provide a big amount of pictures about the life and culture of the Naxi people, we suggest to have a look at this Websites, where a nice selection of old pictures, most of them from the fist half of the twentieth century, are exhibited.

An interesting graphic document about the life of the Naxi people around Lijiang before 1949.

The first one is "Man with a Pipe", it follows "Naxi lady", "A bridge in Lijiang, Dongba dance, Raising the swords, Naxi people, Naxi people singing and dancing, Naxi Dongba (2 pictures), three pictures of Naxi houses, Boys in a temple, Yulongshan (2 picts), Yunshan prairie (3 picts), and Zhiyun Temple.

Peter Goullart pictures of the minorities.

All these pictures were taken from 1941-1949, when he lived in Lijiang and traveled around this city.

Pictures of Lijiang before Revolution.

Most of the pictures were shut by J.F. Lock and Peter Goullart. Some of them can be found in other places.

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