Researches on Naxi History and Society


There are three volumes of the series about the history and society of Chinese national minorities dedicated to the Naxi nationality. The three books were published by the Yunnan Nationalities Publishing House in 1983 (the fist volume), 1986 (the second one), and 1988 (the third). They constitute an excellent collection of Chinese academic researches about the Naxi nationality, carried on in the decades before the 1980s.

Volume I.

Almost half of the 218 pages of this first volume are a "Collection of Historic Materials about the Naxi Nationality", a work of Xu Hongbao and Wang Hengjie, where they put together hundreds of references in Chinese historical documents and local gazetteers related to the Naxi nationality; from those dated before the sixth century, to the times of Nanzhao Kingdom, the local headmen of the Mu family and the modern times. The genealogies of the Mu clan and the Yonning native chiefs precede this long historic document. The rest of this book consists in an Introduction to the Naxi by Xu Hongbao; a research on the land relationship in Judian and Huangshan before 1949 by two teams leaded by Xu Hongbao and Wu Guanghu; an study of the economic foundations of the feudalism in Lijiang, Zhongdian and Weixi by Li Wenxian; one more about the trade in Dayan city, by Xu Hongbao; an introduction to Naxi art by Zhang Yunqing, dealing specially with their literature; and a research about the marriage and funeral customs of the Naxi people, illustrated with interesting black and white drawings.

  The Muan Bpo Ceremony  

Volume II

This book contains an article about the Naxi in Eya; the culture and religion of the Naxi in Lijiang (Li JInchun), some articles about the frescoes in Lijiang and Yongning, an overview of the Naxi folk literature (Guo Dalie), a long study about the Beishixili music, an overview of the ethnic situation in Yongning (Zhuo Rucheng and Guo Dalie), and a collection of Naxi historical materials by the same authors.

Volume III

This book starts with a research on the culture of the Ruarke branch of the Naxi (He Zhenghua). There is one more about the Malimasa branch, a long study about the dialects of Naxi language by He Jiren and He Zhiwu, and some papers of political content about the party policies in the area and aspects related to schooling and education.

Naxi zu shehui lishi diaocha I, II and III (Researches on the Society and History of the Naxi). Yunnan Nationalities Publishing House. Kunming, 1983, 1986 and 1988.

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